PLA polylactic acid denim

The macromolecular structure of PLA fiber determines that it has good resilience and is not easy to deform. Under the action of 5% strain, the rebound rate is 93%*, while that of PET fiber is only 63%.
Therefore, we use the innovative combination of PLA and spandex fiber to spin core-spun yarn, which has better elasticity and excellent hand feeling than ordinary spun yarn.
The special morphological structure of this fiber is easy to form capillary effect and shows good wicking phenomenon*, good wettability and diffusivity; at the same time, it has good hydrophobicity similar to polyester fiber, which helps moisture transfer, Moisture-wicking for easy comfort.
The modulus of PLA is only half of that of polyester fiber, the initial modulus is low, it is easy to deform under a small load, and the touch is soft and full; at the same time, it has good biocompatibility, does not irritate the skin, and is skin-friendly and comfortable.
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