What is PLA yarn? What is the function of biodegradable polyester?

PLA is corn fiber yarn
Corn fiber (polyacid fiber, PLA fiber) is a synthetic fiber made from starch such as corn and wheat, which is converted into acid and then polymerized and spun. Polyacid fiber has superior performance, some drape, is Slippery, moisture-absorbing, air-permeable, sub acidity that reassures the skin, and good heat resistance, luster, and elasticity. The capability of PLA fiber fabric, the smooth feeling close to the skin, and the softness and hydrophilicity of the fabric make the development advantages of corn fiber in personal sportswear and other aspects significant. Blend corn fiber with cotton, wool, and other fibers to make new textile products. It has good shape retention, good gloss, good hygroscopicity, and quick-drying effect, and combines the effects of crispness, good elasticity, and beautiful gloss. All over. In addition to being used as clothing, it can be widely used in civil engineering, buildings, agriculture and forestry, aquaculture, papermaking, and household goods. PLA fibers can also be used to produce biodegradable packaging materials.
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