Sample Ordering Notice

To make it easier for everyone to access our Polylactic Acid products, we have initiated an online ordering service for samples. We charge a nominal fee for the samples, which will be fully credited back once the customer places an official order.

we also offer free sample kits for customers with strong interest. For more details, please contact

Collection: PLA Non-wovens

Explore Sincdoo's Innovative PLA Non-wovens: A Leap Forward in Sustainable Fabrics. Our advanced Polylactic Acid (PLA) non-woven fabrics are crafted from renewable resources like corn starch and sugar cane, offering an eco-friendly alternative in the world of textiles. Sincdoo's PLA non-wovens stand out for their breathability, durability, and biodegradability, making them ideal for a wide range of applications including medical supplies, hygiene products, and eco-conscious consumer goods. Embrace the future of textiles with Sincdoo's PLA non-wovens, blending environmental responsibility with high-performance and versatility.

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